CBD As a Topical treatment for pain relief


topical cbd from floyd's of leadvilleMore and more people are looking for alternative ways to treat varying medical issues and are fed up with big pharmaceutical companies, their cost, and the side effects that can come with their products. And, today topical CBD is becoming an attractive alternative to big pharma solutions.

Hemp is one of the oldest and versatile crops we have and has been used for centuries. Topical CBD works with the body’s own similar natural functions, rather than masking them.

It is used by people for Pain relief, anxiety, stress, inflammation, memory, concentration, and appetite. Hemp is also used in cloth and clothing, paper, rope, as well as in baking, creams, makeup and so much more.

Today we’ll take a look at the topicals made from hemp Cannabidiol topicals and how to use them.

Topical CBD

It can be used in lotions, oils or other forms, replacing your prescription or over-the-counter creams and oils for pain, rashes, and other irritations. Not only does it have many uses, it comes in many forms.

CBD Oils and Creams

These oils come in a variety of forms and can be used in a variety of ways. Pure oil or tinctures from a bottle with a dropper, this form tends to be the purest and most concentrated.

Concentre Oil

Place the oil directly on your skin for irritation or rashes. Use it as a massage oil for pain, you simply rub it and massage the area, allowing the oil to absorb and work its magic. You can ingest this oil by placing a drop under your tongue or inside your cheek, or place a drop in your juice or water. These can be just plain or have a hint of flavoring.

You can also add it to beverages, food and inhale it. If you have anxiety or tension headaches, rub the oil into your temples, back of your neck, or along your jawline, if that’s where you hold your stress.


This is as easy as your daily vitamin and likely the most popular and easiest choice for consumption. Taken orally with water or juice, it is slowly released through the body.

You can use the oil inside the capsule as a topical. Just gently break it open to access the oil. It’s easy to carry with you and apply to your affected area throughout the day. If you suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis, you can use this during your working day to relieve the stress and pain.


Many different forms here, lotions, lip balms, and bath product. These can be applied liberally when needed and directly to affected areas, like joint pain or skin maladies.

Used from everything from acne to arthritis, you can apply the lotion or cream when needed for relief. Perfect for aches and pains, for skin irritations and for dry, chapped skin.

Use these in place of all your other creams, or add the oils to your favorite lotions, bath water or straight on the skin for rashes, dry cracked heels, and feet or faded sunburn.


A lighter concentration of CBD but very convenient to use. You can buy the spray or make your own. Spray it directly in your mouth or even just a mist around you. It’s great for relaxing and stress relief. You can also use for pain by spraying directly on your skin. You can easily take it with you so you have it every day. You can spray a bit on your pulse points for times of stress and anxiety.


Just attach and go. For those who don’t care to ingest it or vape, the patch is the best solution. Hidden away, no fuss, no muss. Put it where you need it to work and that’s it. Like a band-aid or nicotine patch, but better.

When you need the results to be quick, if you are in a situation where you can’t wait, it’s the preferred method. Here you will need a vaporizer, e-cigarette or vape pen. The results are much faster than edibles or topicals, as it reaches your bloodstream faster.

Salves and Lip Balm

Salves, ointments or balms are all meant for the same purpose. These are convenient to carry with you and easy to use. Highly concentrated, you can apply the salve for skin problems, anxiety, and other stress or pain.

The main difference between salve and lotion is the texture. Many people prefer the salve for convenience, as it’s not as runny as lotions. You can carry it with you and not worry about it spilling or leaking.

You need very little to benefit. A small dab of salve rubbed in on your wrist or temples before an interview can relieve much of the stress and anxiety you may be feeling. Perfect for pain when you are at work or playing sports.


There are plenty of ways to use oils as edibles. You can buy CBD edibles or just add your CBD oil to your foods and beverages. It’s an easy way to get the CBD into your system and its slow release is perfect for those who need a slow, constant relief.

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