Stress Relief and CBD

Experiencing Stress?

When people are in a situation where they feel emotionally overwhelmed, stress kicks in. This is a mental state where the mind is not at peace. Instead, there is constantly worrying. Physical stress symptoms are such as stomach upsets, low energy, tense muscles, poor immune system, and a low sexual drive. If most of these symptoms persist over a long period, they can result in serious mental problems. In worst case scenarios, one can suffer from anxiety or depression. Among the severe physical ailments are cardiovascular heart diseases such as high blood pressure which leads to heart strokes.

What are Healthy ways to Lose Stress?

Instead of finding relief in prescription pills, any are finding holistic ways of lowering their stress levels. Usually, it is expected that a change in daily habits and life patterns can calm or reverse your stress levels. Other recommend using natural stress relives such as signing up for tai chi or yoga classes, accompanied by visiting the gym. Other routines you ca adopt involve the use of peaceful evening and morning rituals that involve taking caffeine, consuming organic non-processed foods, massages, and relaxing baths. The main benefits of CBD oil are evident in their mass popularity. Being natural gives them an edge and the studies that have been done on their use keep returning positive results. Not many understand the hemp extraction process or even how it works.

CBD in your System

The body Endocannabinoid System is responsible for balance. To understand how CBD oil is a stress reliever we must pay keen attention to the complex, biological cell receptor network that makes up the system. Most of these cells oversee body functions centered on appetite, emotion, sleep, and digestion. Our bodies thrive when the Endocannabinoid System is firing on all cylinders as this facilitates homeostasis. Homeostasis is realized when our bodies interact with cannabidiol derived from hemp. Cannabinoids will strengthen weakened cells while enhancing those that are in good shape. We are already aware that hemp does not have psychoactive properties. Thus it does not result in a high. Some strains of hemp produce high CBD levels while others generate low levels of THC. Generally speaking, the THC component is what induces psychoactive marijuana.

Homeostasis in the Body

The Endocannabinoid signals focus on the body areas where there are high levels of stress triggers. Scientists believe that a disrupted HPA and amygdala affects the body emotions, especially fear. This can be corrected by achieving homeostasis.


If you would like to get healthy and better, hemp oil is a classic alternative to go for. It has natural properties that help fend off negative emotional triggers that bring about stress. For many, this process this is as simple, as ingesting a capsule. A single drop of CBD MCT oil in a cup of cold or hot beverage accompanied by consuming organic gummies can do the trick.

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