Delta-8 THC Pre-Roll Blunt – 1.5gm – Blue Dream


Our pre-roll Blunt Delta-8 THC joints contain 1.5 grams of B2 hemp flower, and a total of 150mg delta-8 THC.

We use a blunt sugar cone flavored mouth tip cones to give our users the best experience possible. This product has been third-party lab tested for purity and potency.

Learn more about Blue Dream Flavor:

Blue Dream is known for its unique aroma and flavor. The first whiff of Blue Dream reminds of fruity flavor or summertime berries. The fruity flavor is followed by sharp, earthy sandalwood grape, citrus, and floral notes. However, it keeps intact the balance of its origins—Haze and Blueberry.


Contains 99% Delta-8 THC

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