Arnica Relief Balm – 500mg


We all need to look after our bodies, but when you find that the stress of the day is getting to be too much, reach for our CBD Arnica Muscle & Joint Balm. Full of high-quality ingredients and pure CBD, this balm is smooth and soothing thanks to the addition of Mint and Tea Tree essential oils, as well as the restorative properties of Arnica. Arnica’s long history of aiding with relief from stress and soreness makes it an ideal companion to enjoying top-quality CBD. With a refreshing aroma and no greasy feeling, our CBD Arnica Muscle & Joint Balm will have you feeling ready to take on the day.

One of the reasons CBD cream has become one of the most popular forms of CBD, is it gives users the ability to treat the problem areas directly through topical applications, providing quick, and noticeable results.

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